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The first home we renovated with NJSA was our family home in 2015. It’s a Dutch Colonial and like many older, small to medium sized homes, the property itself is a nice size but all living spaces were facing the street, without a pleasant flow to the backyard. The added difficulty was that the staircase is on the back wall, seemingly blocking the option to open the living room to an addition, and so the only access to the backyard was through the crowded 6x9 kitchen: so clumsy and discouraging hosting family and friends. The back of the home is on the North side too, making the kitchen feel even more dark and cramped. NJSA’s sunrooms and conservatories are not only the highest insulated additions, with the strongest yet slimmest profile framing allowing for the most glass and transparency, with hollow beams allowing all electrical to be hidden… they are also custom designed and precisely measured to best fit into your existing style, shapes and features. They can be built at any height too, so any space you choose can open to these additions. They allow you to reorient your home to flow into the back or side yards and frame your favorite views, thereby completely transforming how the home lives. And whereas other seasonal sunrooms will feel hot/cold and humid/damp, the NJSA highly engineered systems - with higher ratings than the building specs of most existing homes - will actually make your home more comfortable and efficient. When I researched all sunroom compan

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